With the conclusion of another round of fall all-stars, we thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane. Here’s a list of all the student-athletes that have been Salem News Player of the Year and Coaches of the Year for fall sports since The Salem News reinstated its all-star program at the start of the 2005-06 school year.

Players of the Year

2005 Pat Bailey, Beverly
2006 Pat Bailey, Beverly and Bobby Tarr, Bishop Fenwick
2007 Bobby Tarr, Bishop Fenwick
2008 Chris Cameron, Swampscott
2009 Chris Splinter, Masconomet
2010 Tyler Coppola, St. John’s Prep
2011 Mike Walsh, Swampscott
2012 Johnny Thomas, St. John’s Prep

Boys Soccer
2005 Chris Ethier, Beverly
2006 Ben Slingerland, St. John’s Prep
2007 Sean Bishop, St. John’s Prep
2008 Bradley McDonald, Masconomet
2009 Chris Ciampa, Danvers
2010 Eddie Demoya, Salem
2011 Eric Martin, Danvers
2012 Eric Martin, Danvers

Girls Soccer
2005 Cara Cadigan, Swampscott
2006 Justine Hartigan, Peabody
2007 Alyssa Manoogian, Peabody
2008 Erika Digiacomo, Peabody
2009 Hayley Dowd, Peabody
2010 Kellie Macdonald, Danvers
2011 Hayley Dowd, Peabody
2012 Hayley Dowd, Peabody

Field Hockey
2005 Hannah Greenough, Ipswich
2006 Carly Silverman, Ipswich
2007 Kelly Gibson, Masconomet
2008 Hayley Govoni, Beverly
2009 Corinne Woods, Beverly
2010 Corinne Woods, Beverly
2011 Erin Silvestri, Beverly
2012 Nicole Woods, Beverly

2005 Brendan Singleton, St. John’s Prep
2006 Nick Zolotas, St. John’s Prep
2007 Beau Theriault, Salem
2008 Troy Thibodeau, Danvers
2009 Nick McLaughlin, St. John’s Prep
2010 Jack Whelan, Pingree
2011 Nick Pandelena, St. John’s Prep
2012 Charlie May, Masconomet

Boys Cross Country
2005 Gabe Pacione, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Gabe Pacione, Hamilton-Wenham
2007 Gabe Pacione, Hamilton-Wenham
2008 Mike Masse, St. John’s Prep
2009 Greg Krathwohl, Ipswich
2010 Nick Christensen, Peabody
2011 Nick Christensen, Peabody
2012 Peter Hale, Swampscott

Girls Cross Country

2005 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2007 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2008 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2009 Linsday Walsh, Swampscott
2010 Catarina Rocha, Peabody
2011 Catarina Rocha, Peabody
2012 Catarina Rocha, Peabody

2006 Rachel Negri, Peabody
2007 Kristyn Kelley, Peabody
2008 Lauren DiCarlo, Bishop Fenwick
2009 Janelle Rodriguez, Peabody
2010 Ashley Chalifour, Beverly
2011 Sarah Hernando, Salem
2012 Kate Lipka, Bishop Fenwick

Coaches of the Year
2005 John Sullivan, Danvers
2006 Ted Flaherty, Ipswich
2007 Steve Dembowski, Swampscott
2008 Jim Pugh, Masconomet
2009 Jim Rudloff, Marblehead
2010 Andrew Morency, Hamilton-Wenham
2011 Andrew Morency, Hamilton-Wenham
2012 Dan Bauer, Beverly

Boys Soccer
2005 Rick Storer, Ipswich
2006 Dave Crowell, St. John’s Prep
2007 Lenny Emmons, Masconomet
2008 Matt Gauron, Hamilton-Wenham
2009 Antonio Lage, Danvers
2010 Lenny Emmons, Masconomet
2011 David Mitchell, Masconomet
2012 Kevin Leahy, Beverly

Girls Soccer
2005 Stephanie Smryl, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Paula Yanakakis, Masconomet
2007 Fred Day, Swampscott
2008 Jimmy Hinchion, Danvers
2009 Dennis Desroches, Peabody
2010 Karen Guillemette, Bishop Fenwick
2011 Dennis Desroches, Peabody
2012 Kristin Simpson, Beverly

Field Hockey
2005 Jill McGinnity, Bishop Fenwick
2006 Diane Mayo, Ipswich
2007 Linda Collins, Marblehead
2008 Tricia Brennan, Beverly
2009 Tricia Brennan, Beverly
2010 Tricia Brennan, Beverly
2011 Tricia (Brennan) Murphy, Beverly
2012 Leah Gunner, Masconomet


2005 Jeff Avigian, Danvers
2006 Jeff Avigian, Danvers
2007 Jeff Avigian, Danvers
2008 Larry O’Neill, St. John’s Prep
2009 Ben Hodges, Masconomet
2010 Larry O’Neill, St. John’s Prep
2011 Ben Hodges, Masconomet
2012 Kevin Kielty, Beverly

Boys Cross Country

2005 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Dom Finelli, Swampscott
2007 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2008 Ray Carey, St. John’s Prep
2009 Joe Rocha, Peabody
2010 Joe Rocha, Peabody
2011 Matt Simms, Ipswich
2012 John Boyle, St. John’s Prep

Girls Cross Country

2005 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2007 Dave Jellerson, Beverly
2008 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2009 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2010 Jenn Emblidge, Marblehead
2011 Joe Casey, Masconomet
2012 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham

2006 Lisa Keene, Peabody
2007 Lisa Keene, Peabody
2008 Nora Tinty, Bishop Fenwick
2009 Lisa Keene, Peabody
2010 Adam DeBaggis, Bishop Fenwick
2011 Adam DeBaggis, Bishop Fenwick
2012 Lisa Keene, Peabody

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