Here’s a look down memory lane at The Salem News’ Spring Sports Players of the Year (Since we brought back our “all-star teams” for the 2005-06 school year):

2006 Matt Small, Ipswich
2007 Eric Oxford, Danvers
2008 Bobby Dean, Danvers
2009 Hunter Gordon, Swampscott
2010 Gabe Dunn, Masconomet
2011 David Ruggiero, Bishop Fenwick
2012 Pat Ruotolo, Peabody
2013 Brandon Bingel, St. John’s Prep

2006 Ashley Burnham, Danvers
2007 Courtney Colantuno, Marblehead
2008 Ashley Burnham, Danvers
2009 Diana Bean, Danvers
2010 Sarah Chasse, Salem
2011 Taylor Ahearn, Bishop Fenwick
2012 Rachel Shamon, Masconomet
2013 Kendall Meehan, Danvers

Boys Lacrosse
2006 Jeff Begin and Andrew Lunnen, St. John’s Prep
2007 Eddie Leonard, Peabody
2008 Mark Scalise, St. John’s Prep
2009 John Jennings, St. John’s Prep
2010 James Fahey, St. John’s Prep
2011 Kurt Hunziker, Masconomet
2012 Kurt Hunziker, Masconomet
2013 Keifer Heckman, Peabody

Girls Lacrosse
2006 Brittany Boulanger, Masconomet
2007 Samantha Taylor, Pingree
2008 Samantha Taylor, Pingree
2009 Michaela Colbert, Pingree
2010 Becca Graves, Bp. Fenwick
2011 Kim Corkum, Ipswich
2012 Maura Grady, Pingree
2013 Amy Arnold, Masconomet

Boys Spring Track
2006 Dan Anastos, Angel Batista, Shawn Conrad, Michal Malinowski, Nick Moskevich and Brandon Thomaszvic, Peabody
2007 Matt Sullivan, St. John’s Prep
2008 Gabe Pacione, Hamilton-Wenham
2009 Jackson Macdonald, H-W
2010 Jackson Macdonald, H-W
2011 Sean Enos, St. John’s Prep
2012 Zach Grube, Peabody
2013 Joe Manson, Danvers

Girls Spring Track
2006 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2007 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2008 Maddy Bissallion, Bishop Fenwick
2009 Emily Lanois, H-W
2010 Hannah O’Flynn, Ipswich
2011 Catarina Rocha, Peabody
2012 Catarina Rocha, Peabody
2013 Catarina Rocha, Peabody

Boys Tennis
2006 Aaron Block, Swampscott
2007 Garrett Lane, Pingree
2008 Garrett Lane, Pingree
2009 Chase Curits, H-W
2010 Justin Hyte, Marblehead
2011 John Corvi/Bradley Boyes, St. John’s Prep
2012 Mark Corvi/Ian Wright, St. John’s Prep
2013 Matt Jacobs, Swampscott

Girls Tennis
2006 Justine Hartigan, Peabody
2007 Justine Hartigan, Peabody
2008 Jen Cleary, Swampscott
2009 Veronica Corning, Pingree
2010 Veronica Corning, Pingree
2011 Ashley Noyes, Marblehead
2012 Mia Farnham, Masconomet
2013 Tory Booth, Marblehead

Here are the dates that the Spring high school all-star teams selected by the Salem News sports staff will appear in the newspaper (Subject to change due to print availability….watch the blog, newspaper and @SalemNewsSports for any unforeseen changes)

Monday, July 1: Boys track
Tuesday, July 2: Girls track
Wednesday, July 3: Boys lacrosse
Thursday, July 4: Girls lacrosse
Friday, July 5: Baseball
Saturday, July 6: Softball
Monday, July 8: Girls tennis
Tuesday, July 9: Boys tennis
Wednesday, July 10: Spring Coaches of the Year

Today’s Around the Horn looks at the various match-ups and schedules for area state tournament baseball teams. Let’s add a few more nuggets and go through some predictions/expectations.

One coach told me last night that there’s always an unexpected guy contributing to the postseason. A pinch-runner, an extra bullpen arm, an injury replacement….somebody you’re not thinking about right now will contribute a memorable moment if a team goes on a run. Who will could be for your favorite team?

Division 1 North
*It’s interesting to note that Peabody will play one of the last two North champions on Saturday. Lowell won it last year and Lincoln-Sudbury did in 20110.

*Everything for the Tanners depends on how many runs they score and how much Pat Ruotolo can pitch. A healthy Ruotolo could potentially throw the opener, giving Peabody the option of hoping Andrew McLaughlin (7-0) wins game number two, setting up Ruotolo on normal rest for a semi-final date with St. John’s. You can’t look at the bracket and not salivate about that match-up. But Ruotolo’s health is up in the air, and Peabody wasn’t letting on about how much, or when, he might pitch in the tourney.

*The other key is scoring….Peabody has fallen behind early in their last few early tourney exits. If they score the first run, they’ll be loose, and they’ll have a better chance to get rid of those demons.

*There’s not a coach in any division that wouldn’t say St. John’s is the favorite. The Killer B’s in the infield (Bingel, Buonopane, Bragole, Bornstein, Burt) are knocking the ball all over the yard. The pitching is deep. The draw looks OK. Everything is in place for an Eagles run….and without putting too much pressure on them, they’re the pick.

*I’m going to pick a Final Four and see where the chips land: I’ll go with Prep/Peabody in the left hand semi-final, and on the right I think Newton North and Waltham get though. It appears that a lot of the power is on the left side of the bracket.

Division 2 North
*Final Four picks: Gloucester, Masconomet, Danvers and Beverly.

*The only one of those I feel great about is Masconomet. Gloucester and Arlington should be a very good first round take, and if the Spy Ponders prevail I’d figure they advance to the semi’s.

*The best two teams in the entire bracket might be Burlington and Beverly, who met in last year’s Final. They could face each other in the second round this year, setting up a serious showdown Monday if both teams win.

*Danvers went 18-3 and didn’t get much of a reward. Tewksbury is always a tough out, and then you have Reading sitting there in the second round, and the possibility of seeing ace Scott Tully. Reading could be the team to beat if the Rockets can win a game or two when Tully isn’t on the hill, because when he is, they’ll be difficult to top.

Division 3 North
*I’ll pick a Final in this one: I think Bishop Fenwick and North Reading get there. Its pretty rare to see a No. 1 vs. No. 2 in the Final, but I believe these two teams are a cut above the field. They both had success against upper division clubs. They’re both experienced. It’ll be an excellent game if they make it through.

*I forsee North Reading beating Saugus in the semi’s on one side, and Fenwick getting by rival St. Mary’s in an All-CCL semi on the other side. I think Swampscott will be a tough out, especially if Trevor Massey wins their opener. But I’m just not sure they have enough to get revenge on North Reading for last year’s playoff ouster. If you look at the rosters, the Hornets have a lot more back from that game a year ago than the Big Blue do.

Division 4
*I suppose Georgetown wins it. The alignments are changing next year, so it won’t be an 8-team tournament again. But I’d take this opportunity to wonder aloud why Hamilton-Wenham and Ipswich aren’t being moved down to D4, when their CAL compatriots Georgetown and Rockport are already staples of the bracket?

MVPs: Lots of local honorees: SJP’s Brandon Bingel in the Catholic Conference; Beverly’s Alex Toomey and Danvers’ Dan Connors in the NEC divisions; Fenwick’s Nick Bona in the CCL. I have no seen a CAL all-star list yet.

Thoughts? Continue the conversation on Twitter @MattWilliams_SN.

Full story coming Friday’s Salem News, but here are some highlights from our conversation with Mark Bettencourt, who was named Peabody High’s 21st head football coach on Thursday. (Add: That story is now live here: )

An 8-person search committee conducted seven interviews from a pool of 16 candidates and unanimously recommended Bettencourt, who has a 130-53 record in eight seasons as PHS baseball coach with seven league championships and one D1 North finals appearance.

Staff: Bettencourt has tabbed Dave Bettencourt, who had great success as an assistant in Andover and brings 18 years of experience, as his defensive coordinator. Ex-Tanner greats Bob Murphy and Jimmy Festa will coach linebackers, ex-interim head coach Matt O’Brien will return to help the offense and Mark Falco will move from freshman to varsity.

Schedule: Peabody is opening with Lynn English and Somerville before getting into its NEC “B” Division games against, in no particular order, Danvers, Lynn Classical, Salem, Revere and Winthrop. They’ll then play their assigned MIAA Division 1 “playoff week” games and face Saugus on Thanksgiving.

On his offense: “My uncles played for Arhtur Adamopoulos, who ran the same offense for 20 years and had success. Niz added his wrinkles to that had success for 20 more years. My question was always, what was wrong with that? So we’ll look to follow in those footsteps. Now, we’ll add our wrinkles and do different things to create angles depending on our athletes, but this is a hard-nosed town and we’re going to play hard-nosed ball.”

On close friend Scott Wlasuk, the coach from 2008-2012: “The thing I told Scott was that all the time, heart and soul he put into this program will not be for nothing. No way. It won’t go to waste. The program made some real strides while he was coaching that we’re going to be able to build on.”

On baseball players potentially coming out for football, or spreading interest: “I think my guys will able to tell their friends ‘This is what this guy is all about, this is what he expects.’ The kids are going to know what they’re getting into. They’re going to cross their T’s and dot their I’s. There’s not going to be any acting up int he community. They’ll know what’s expected, being at practice and when they’re there they’re going to be working, going all out.”

On practice and the importance of preseason camp in August: “It’s immense. We have to be ready when the shooting starts. We’re going to teach them how to block and teach them how to tackle and we’re going to rep them until we get them right.”

On being selected from a field of 16 applicants, including 3 current head football coaches: “I’m extremely humbled. There were some very solid applicants, some very experienced guys, and that the confidence that the committee had in me, the faith they put in my to be the guy who can turn this around, is very humbling.”

On the schedule, relating to his always difficult baseball schedule: “It took me some time to build that up in baseball. We’ll need to see what we’re getting into. Now, long term, I loved our rivalry with Everett and people know from baseball how I feel about playing St. John’s Prep. We want to build this program back up to the highest level but right now we’re not there.”

On Peabody’s on-going quest to improve Coley Lee Field and get artificial turf: “I’ll play in the parking lot if I have to. I’ll play on a cow patch. As a citizen of Peabody, I want the new field, and as a coach I’ll advocate for it, but as far as we’re concerned as coaches and players its irrelevant. We won’t make make excuses.”

On learning to win: “We need to teach them how to win. That comes with fundamentals and technique. I don’t go out looking to win. Winning is a byproduct of how you practice and doing the right things.”

On what it means to coach football in Peabody: “It is a privilege I take very seriously. It is humbling. To be able to have the same kind of impact on kids that coach Niz and his staff had on me is an honor. This is right up there for me, along with getting the baseball job eight years ago.”

On a core coaching philosophy: “I think four things: Discipline, dedication, relentless work ethic and good character. That’s what we’re looking for. It’s the only way I know how to operate and everybody’s going to be on the same page, fighting for the guy next to him.”

With the conclusion of another round of fall all-stars, we thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane. Here’s a list of all the student-athletes that have been Salem News Player of the Year and Coaches of the Year for fall sports since The Salem News reinstated its all-star program at the start of the 2005-06 school year.

Players of the Year

2005 Pat Bailey, Beverly
2006 Pat Bailey, Beverly and Bobby Tarr, Bishop Fenwick
2007 Bobby Tarr, Bishop Fenwick
2008 Chris Cameron, Swampscott
2009 Chris Splinter, Masconomet
2010 Tyler Coppola, St. John’s Prep
2011 Mike Walsh, Swampscott
2012 Johnny Thomas, St. John’s Prep

Boys Soccer
2005 Chris Ethier, Beverly
2006 Ben Slingerland, St. John’s Prep
2007 Sean Bishop, St. John’s Prep
2008 Bradley McDonald, Masconomet
2009 Chris Ciampa, Danvers
2010 Eddie Demoya, Salem
2011 Eric Martin, Danvers
2012 Eric Martin, Danvers

Girls Soccer
2005 Cara Cadigan, Swampscott
2006 Justine Hartigan, Peabody
2007 Alyssa Manoogian, Peabody
2008 Erika Digiacomo, Peabody
2009 Hayley Dowd, Peabody
2010 Kellie Macdonald, Danvers
2011 Hayley Dowd, Peabody
2012 Hayley Dowd, Peabody

Field Hockey
2005 Hannah Greenough, Ipswich
2006 Carly Silverman, Ipswich
2007 Kelly Gibson, Masconomet
2008 Hayley Govoni, Beverly
2009 Corinne Woods, Beverly
2010 Corinne Woods, Beverly
2011 Erin Silvestri, Beverly
2012 Nicole Woods, Beverly

2005 Brendan Singleton, St. John’s Prep
2006 Nick Zolotas, St. John’s Prep
2007 Beau Theriault, Salem
2008 Troy Thibodeau, Danvers
2009 Nick McLaughlin, St. John’s Prep
2010 Jack Whelan, Pingree
2011 Nick Pandelena, St. John’s Prep
2012 Charlie May, Masconomet

Boys Cross Country
2005 Gabe Pacione, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Gabe Pacione, Hamilton-Wenham
2007 Gabe Pacione, Hamilton-Wenham
2008 Mike Masse, St. John’s Prep
2009 Greg Krathwohl, Ipswich
2010 Nick Christensen, Peabody
2011 Nick Christensen, Peabody
2012 Peter Hale, Swampscott

Girls Cross Country

2005 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2007 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2008 Emily Lanois, Hamilton-Wenham
2009 Linsday Walsh, Swampscott
2010 Catarina Rocha, Peabody
2011 Catarina Rocha, Peabody
2012 Catarina Rocha, Peabody

2006 Rachel Negri, Peabody
2007 Kristyn Kelley, Peabody
2008 Lauren DiCarlo, Bishop Fenwick
2009 Janelle Rodriguez, Peabody
2010 Ashley Chalifour, Beverly
2011 Sarah Hernando, Salem
2012 Kate Lipka, Bishop Fenwick

Coaches of the Year
2005 John Sullivan, Danvers
2006 Ted Flaherty, Ipswich
2007 Steve Dembowski, Swampscott
2008 Jim Pugh, Masconomet
2009 Jim Rudloff, Marblehead
2010 Andrew Morency, Hamilton-Wenham
2011 Andrew Morency, Hamilton-Wenham
2012 Dan Bauer, Beverly

Boys Soccer
2005 Rick Storer, Ipswich
2006 Dave Crowell, St. John’s Prep
2007 Lenny Emmons, Masconomet
2008 Matt Gauron, Hamilton-Wenham
2009 Antonio Lage, Danvers
2010 Lenny Emmons, Masconomet
2011 David Mitchell, Masconomet
2012 Kevin Leahy, Beverly

Girls Soccer
2005 Stephanie Smryl, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Paula Yanakakis, Masconomet
2007 Fred Day, Swampscott
2008 Jimmy Hinchion, Danvers
2009 Dennis Desroches, Peabody
2010 Karen Guillemette, Bishop Fenwick
2011 Dennis Desroches, Peabody
2012 Kristin Simpson, Beverly

Field Hockey
2005 Jill McGinnity, Bishop Fenwick
2006 Diane Mayo, Ipswich
2007 Linda Collins, Marblehead
2008 Tricia Brennan, Beverly
2009 Tricia Brennan, Beverly
2010 Tricia Brennan, Beverly
2011 Tricia (Brennan) Murphy, Beverly
2012 Leah Gunner, Masconomet


2005 Jeff Avigian, Danvers
2006 Jeff Avigian, Danvers
2007 Jeff Avigian, Danvers
2008 Larry O’Neill, St. John’s Prep
2009 Ben Hodges, Masconomet
2010 Larry O’Neill, St. John’s Prep
2011 Ben Hodges, Masconomet
2012 Kevin Kielty, Beverly

Boys Cross Country

2005 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Dom Finelli, Swampscott
2007 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2008 Ray Carey, St. John’s Prep
2009 Joe Rocha, Peabody
2010 Joe Rocha, Peabody
2011 Matt Simms, Ipswich
2012 John Boyle, St. John’s Prep

Girls Cross Country

2005 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2006 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2007 Dave Jellerson, Beverly
2008 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2009 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham
2010 Jenn Emblidge, Marblehead
2011 Joe Casey, Masconomet
2012 Steve Sawyer, Hamilton-Wenham

2006 Lisa Keene, Peabody
2007 Lisa Keene, Peabody
2008 Nora Tinty, Bishop Fenwick
2009 Lisa Keene, Peabody
2010 Adam DeBaggis, Bishop Fenwick
2011 Adam DeBaggis, Bishop Fenwick
2012 Lisa Keene, Peabody

2012 Salem News coverage area rushing leaders

Player, School Rushing Yards, TDs
Jon Thomas
St. John’s Prep
1,812 yards, 16 TDs
Brendan Flaherty
1,496 yards, 18 TDs
Rufus Rushins
Bishop Fenwick
1,302 yards, 17 TDs
Ross Murphy
North Shore Tech
995 yards, 19 TDs
Trevor Lyons
905 yards, 13 TDs
Kenny Pierce
901 yards, 15 TDs
Isaiah White
862 yards, 6 TDs
Alex Valles
849 yards, 14 TDs
Alex Moore
St. John’s Prep
842 yards, 13 TDs
Derek Chamberlain
788 yards, 8 TDs

Salem News area passing leaders

Player, School PC-PA-Yards-TDs
Brian Santry
171-272, 2,065 yards, 14 TDs
Jerome Cappadona
103-187, 1,778 yards, 15 TDs
Ian Maag
111-180, 1,510 yards, 14 TDs
Fran Hannon
Bishop Fenwick
93-167, 1,364 yards, 13 TDs
Trevor Lyons
74-147, 1,207 yards, 12 TDs
Christian Dunston
60-121, 1,057 yards, 12 TDs
Jack Sharrio
St. John’s Prep
58-92, 989 yards, 12 TDs
Chris Schleer, Masconomet 72-134, 982 yards, 12 TDs
Tim Andersen
North Shore Tech
43-110, 843 yards, 8 TDs
Nick Andreas
55-101, 670 yards, 5 TDs

Salem News area receiving leaders

Player, School Catches, Yards, TDs
Johnny Spears
24, 607 yards, 7 TDs
Josh Rothwell
46, 604 yards, 5 TDs
Aaron Cronin
46, 567 yards, 5 TDs
Alex Moore
St. John’s Prep
20, 455 yards, 5 TDs
Brian Daly
27, 417 yards, 4 TDs
Jeremy Gillis
36, 411 yards, 3 TDs
Ben Kapnis
18, 408 yards, 2 TDs
Christian Ecker
22, 404 yards, 9 TDs
Eric Razney
Bishop Fenwick
30, 405 yards, 4 TDs
Charlie Maistrellis
Bishop Fenwick
22, 404 yards, 2 TDs

Lost of chatter about the Beverly-Marblehead football game and the combined 17-1 record of the clubs heading in. Here are the November football games, locally, featuring the most and win and least losses combined over the last 15 years.

Most wins:
20: St. John’s Prep (10-0) vs. Xaverian (10-0), 2001; Masconomet (9-2) vs. Winthrop (11-0), 2006
19: Hamilton-Wenham (10-0) vs. Newburyport (9-2), 2011
18: St. John’s Prep (9-0) vs. Xaverian (9-0), 1997; Masconomet (8-2) vs. North Andover (10-0), 2005; St. John’s Prep (10-0) vs. Xaverian (8-2), 2002
17: Gloucester (9-1) vs. Lynn Classical (8-1), 2010; Ipswich (9-2) vs. Manchester Essex (8-3), 2006; Gloucester (10-1) vs. Danvers (7-2), 2004

Fewest losses:
0: St. John’s Prep vs. Xaverian, 1997 and 2001; Masconomet (8-0) vs. Wilmington (8-0), 2004; Peabody (7-0) vs. Everett (7-0), 2002.
1: Gloucester vs. Lynn Classical, 2010; Masconomet (8-0) vs Wilmington (7-1), 2005; Gloucester (8-0) vs. Winthrop (7-1), 2004; Gloucester (7-0) vs. Lynn English (6-1), 2009; Salem (6-1) vs. Gloucester (7-0), 1999; Peabody (6-0-1) vs. Waltham (6-1-1), 1999.
2: Hamilton-Wenham vs. Newburyport, 2011; Masconomet vs. Winthrop, 2006; Masconomet vs. North Andover, 2005; St. John’s Prep vs. Xaverian, 2002; Winthrop (8-1) vs Danvers (8-1), 2005; Peabody (8-0) vs. Waltham (6-2), 2000.

YouTube Preview Image

We highly recommend reading the proposal in its entirety here.

You can read about the proposal in the archives of The Salem News here and here.

Questions? Opinions? Tweet us @PhilStacey_SN, @MattWilliams_SN and @MattJenkins_SN.

Here is the full list to inductees for the Peabody High Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2012
Helder Braz: Three season track standout, Hall of Famer at UMass-Dartmouth
Kevin Bettencourt: Class of 2002, 1,000 point club member, went on to led NCAA tourney teams at Bucknell
Frank Candela: The Flash, Peabody’s all-time leading rusher and a baseball draftee. Parade All-American as a senior in 1997.
Amy Nizwantowski: Class of 2002, field hockey standout
Phil Mitchell: Excellent pitcher led Peabody to two Eastern Mass. Finals berths
Molly Foster: Athletic Trainer from 1992-2000 goes in as a dedicated contributor
Bill Elwell: Standout golfer from the 1970′s
Rich Kiley: Agganis football all-star and key basketball contributor from the early 1970′s
Anthony Ferreira: Member of the undefeated 1969 football team and big-time field event performer in track
Chuck Tobey: Member of the undefeated 1969 football team and a monster rebounder in basketball
Matt Funchion: 1975 football captain that went on to play at Boston College
Monque (McHenry) Drumheller: Member of two GBL champion girls basketball teams
Kerry (Newhall) Heath: Three-sport standout excelled in girls basketball in the early 1990′s
Sherri (Cove) Zerfoss: Three sport standout played for the 1985 state championship girls basketball team and was an excellent hitter in softball and was GBL scoring champ in field hockey.
Michael Ring: Soccer goalie has 20 shutouts over two years.
Jonathan Harris: Exceptional swimmer who scored over 100 points in each of his four years.
Ted Grevelis: Football standout also set track records in the hurdles
James May: Two-way starter for the 1990 state championship football team and set a lacrosse record for points by a defender.
Andrew Thain: 1950 multi-sport standout who went on to coach at the middle school level
William Crean: All-Star on the 1921 state championship football team.

This outstanding group of athletes will be introduced at Coley Lee Field on Thanksgiving Day morning before the Tanners kickoff. The honorees will then be inducted into the Peabody High School Athletic Hall of Fame on Friday evening, November 23, 2012 during a gala banquet at the Danversport Yacht Club. Tickets are currently available to the public at the PHS Athletic Director’s office or by calling (978) 536-4752.

Came across the proposed divisional alignments for the MIAA’s next reset coming next fall.

The notables locally:
In Girls soccer, Beverly would drop from Division 1 to Division 2.
Swampscott and Bishop Fenwick would both drop from Division 2 to Division 3.
North Shore Tech would drop from Division 3 to a newly created Division 4.

In Boys Soccer, Masconomet would be returning from Division 1 to Division 2.
Marblehead and Swampscott would go from Division 2 to Division 3.
North Shore Tech, Bishop Fenwick, Hamilton-Wenham and Ipswich would all move from Division 3 to Division 4.

In Boys Hockey, Marblehead would move UP from Division 3 to Division 2.

You can check out all the proposed divisions here:

Spring sports aren’t up yet; Schools can appeal through December so this is unofficial and could be changed later. The MIAA periodically reviews its divisions based on changing enrollments in schools statewide; sort of like the census.

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