williams21Today is the 50th anniversary of Ted William’s last at bat for the Red Sox, and as with all momentus events, there’s a North Shore connection.

True to the legend of the man many call the best hitter ever, Williams’ last hit was a home run, off Orioles’ right-hander Jack Fisher. Also true to the legend: Williams refused to come out of the dugout to acknowledge the fans after the homer. As John Updike wrote, “gods do not answer letters.”

Updike, a longtime Beverly and Ipswich resident, captured that day in his now-famous New Yorker essay, “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu.”

You can read Updike’s essay here.

For more on what Updike meant to the North Shore, check out Paul Leighton’s story on his passing last year, which you can find here.

  • Tom Deloffi

    I left school and got into Fenway Park for free after the 7th inning. I saw Ted's last at bat and home run… He was pulled from the game by the manager before the end. (Perhaps he might have had another??) Ted never seemed gracious enough to acknowledge the fans, but he was surely a gifted ball player.

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