Comment glitches

Our online readers may have noticed a handful of glitches in our story comment system over the past several days.The chief complaint was that comments from unverified users were taking several hours — more than a day in some cases — to post. readers also noticed the tab that tallies top comments, stories and commenters was not working.

We’ve sent the complaints along to Disqus, the company that develop our comments system. Folks there hope to have the issue resolved soon. On a positive note, the glitches began when Disqus began working to improve the speed at which its program works; hopefully, once all is resolved the system will work faster for everyone.

  • UPeopleRWay2Angry

    Glad you're doing something about this problem. It is very frustrating to spend time writing a thoughtful comment only to have it disappear when you hit submit. Thanks!

  • MichalClark

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